New Year Wrap Up Part 2

Hey Everybody!

Welcome to part 2 of the wrap up. This post will be more text heavy since I covered all of Inktober in the last one. For a lot of people it seems like the New Year is a good time to reflect and evaluate your progress and set goals for the future which I do try to do more than once a year but I figured for this post I would go into what I am proud to have accomplished and what I plan to do in the future.


One of the biggest life changes that occurred this year was moving away from my hometown into the city to pursue my career. It was an extremely difficult step to make, leaving your comfort zone with a large risk of potential failure looming overhead, but fortunately I had a great group of friends/family and well-wishers who made the process pretty easy. After a month of living in my new apartment I was able to get a job in animation at an awesome studio, and am still at that. It has been a great opportunity and has allowed me to meet/befriend and learn with some awesome artists.


As for personal projects I am divided, in some aspects I have been more productive than ever doing many conventions, putting out new zines, and prints. But in other areas I have not been as productive as I’d like with my comic, personal animation. One cool thing that I’ve begun to do with my buddy Kris is a podcast which is a process we are trying to learn and understand more about as we go (episodes will begin popping up soon (there will be a post about it)).

Moving forward I have a few things I would like to change. I am going to put all the effort I can into being more consistent with projects. I would like to finish another short film this year as well as some collaborative work. I want to put more of myself into learning and improving in my field, hopefully that will be hand in hand with some confidence towards my work.

Aside from improvements for the future there are also just a lot of things I do that I would like to keep moving. I want to thank everyone who is interested in the work I do and those who support my work by consuming it, it’s been a great year full of cool stuff and next year will be great too! Happy New Year Everybody!

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