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Weekly Drawings, Game Zine 2 begin

Hey everybody,

Another week down and another chunk of dailies. I started off with a copic doodle for Splatoon, did some digital stuff in the middle, and finished off with some ink sketches.

photo 1photo (1) photo 2 (1)photo 1 (1)

I started using small Moleskin sketchbooks for when I’m out and about as most of my harcover sketchbooks are too large to be conveniently transported.

Also for those of you that have swung by my booths at various cons since the Summer Windsor Comicon last year have probably seen my Game Item Zine, it was the first volume in a series dedicated to games I grew up with and still enjoy today. Volume 1 was all about Items, weapons and things your characters would use within various games. Volume 2 will be all about enemy monsters. I’m really excited to be working on this one and will be going for a full colour book this time vs the previous black and white. Each page within the book will be a specific monster from a specific game, the overall size of the zine has not been decided because I’m still trying to figure out the complete roster.

I will post some mock up pages in the future to give you the idea but here are some of the images I’ve been working on.

photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

Over the next few months I’ll be posting a lot of progress works from the zine so get ready for that.

And now less art stuff (kinda art stuff)

photo 2  photo 5

I was working on a way to try and organize my copics rather than have them just sitting all over the place, I know they make clear grid cases for them but haven’t been able to find any yet. Yesterday I got this Art of Final Fantasy collection in the mail. It’s awesome, covering games I-X. Yoshitaka Amano has amazing ink work, it’s really cool to see the monster designs for the first few games and how they became staples for the entire series.

Anyways, that’s all for now.

See you next week!

The Daily Doodles Continue!

Hey Everybody!

Today I will post another round up of the daily doodles from the last week as well as some sketches.

photo 1 (6) photo 2 (6) photo 3 (4) photo 4 (4) photo 5 (2) photo

I’ve been playing a little bit of Yoshi’s Island recently and I really like the little Fly Guy’s who come in to bring you goodies by sacrificing their lives. Also I finished watching Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood so I drew Pride’s Shadows and an Immortal Soldier. And then just some original stuff, like a nasty troll.

On a non-art related topic I got a new record in this week that I have been trying to get a hold of for a very long time. It’s a copy of Two Tongues which is a “supergroup” featuring Max Bemis from Say Anything (my favourite band) and Chris Conley for Saves The Day. It was a picture disc so there is an image on the vinyl illustrated by Sherri DuPree Bemis from Eisley. It’s a great album and if you are into either of the bands you should check it out.

photo 1 (7)

And then I got a Link Nendoroid in, it’s posable and comes with a bunch of different hands, props, faces, legs, and such so it’s fun to mess around with.

photo 2 (7) photo 3 (5)

I guess that’s all for now! Oh wait I also did some digital sketches…

megafriends moremegafriends Steiner

Just some Mega Men, and Steiner from FFIX.

Hope you enjoyed them!

Happy Blog Birthday!


Wow, it’s already been a year. A lot has happened in the last year but if you follow this blog you are pretty much up to speed. So here’s what’s happened since the last post.

Super Space Boy Adventures started updating it’s second chapter online (one page every Wednesday) on www.comics-that-exist.com, hopefully you’re all enjoying that. 

Kris and I are preparing for some summer cons so we’re working on a bunch of cool new stuff which I’m hoping people really dig. (We’ll have some stuff ready to show off soon).

A few weekends ago I attended TCAF and had a great time and picked up a ton of cool stuff.


I love what people are doing with the whole collaborative zine thing, the Dragon Ball Zine and Kirby’s Dream Zine are just amazing. Also I finally got a copy of the Rice Boy Tome, and Magical Game Time, which I have both been waiting to get for quite some time. The other items were random finds that turned out to be great additions to my massive collection of cool art stuff. 

Also I finally got my electric guitars up to my place in Toronto so my apartment if finally starting to feel like home.


If you are a music lover you should definitely check out my friend Dave’s band The Captain Hats. They released their newest album as a pay what you want sort of thing so you should definitely check them out http://thecaptainhats.bandcamp.com/.

And last but not least here is a picture of my cat, because reasons…


So that wraps up this anniversary blog post, thanks for spending the year reading my verbal vomit!

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So Much Stuff

It’s been quite a while since I made a post on here so this one will be full of content. Last month I moved up to Toronto, first time living in a big city, so that has been an adjustment. I’ll be starting a new animation job next week which I am very grateful to be a part of. So let’s get to the art.

I made this punk dude right before the move. I like him a lot, he’s a rebel. After that is the Duck Crossing piece, I was briefly thinking of doing a zine about animals in everyday people situations, then it felt really cliche, then I felt really cliche, then I laid down for a bit and forgot about the whole thing. After that there is a piece that is just a sketch of some characters, I like aliens, robots, and monsters so I tend to do stuff like that. Then Hellboy, because I finally started reading Hellboy, I can’t believe it took me this long, I really like the art style. And the final sketch is of a monster dropping ice cream, because reasons…












I posted the linework as well as the completed version of the Metroid piece I did because I was very happy with the linework. Then Twitch plays Pokemon happened and I got weirdly into that, despite never actually participating in typing commands, so I did the Helix fossil, I’m also doing a dome fossil and I think I might do some mini prints for Toronto Comicon. Finally there is a sketchy expression sheet for the redesign of Space Boy, when I worked on chapter 1 of Space Boy I had no actual model sheets so the characters often changes size and volume. I will be remedying that problem for future chapters.

If you haven’t read Space Boy yet you can check it out online at www.comics-that-exist.com or you can purchase a physical copy on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/JamesMarontateArt or a digital copy on Gumroad https://gum.co/NcMHR. Also Kris and myself will have a booth in Artist Alley at Toronto Comicon this weekend (March 7-9). Our booth will be located here at A157.


Hopefully if you’re in the area you will swing by and say hey. I apologize again for the walls of text hopefully the wall of drawings makes up for it.

More Video Game Stuff!

I enjoyed doing that Metroid yesterday so my mind must still have been stuck on Nintendo games today:




The thing I am most proud of is Elekid’s expression, hands down. I’ve also always found the chain-chomp enemies to be a perfect combo of cute and spine-chillingly terrifying so I decided to make one of those.

Hopefully you like them!

Also in the event you don’t already follow my art page on Facebook you should do that here https://www.facebook.com/JamesMarontateArt 

And go read my comic Super Space Boy Adventures on www.comics-that-exist.com you’ll probably enjoy it!

Some Evening Sketches

Hopefully you have all been doing well! And hopefully you have all been enjoying Super Space Boy Adventures over at http://www.comics-that-exist.com, today’s page is up http://comics-that-exist.com/comic_page.php?chapter=1&page=14

Here are some practice sketches I did this evening:



If you like Metroids and Brainsucking Jelly Eyeball monsters then this post probably blew your mind all over the place.

Have a good one!

Animation is fun, and time consuming


Lately I have been spending an insane amount of time behind my Cintiq making lots of cool and some not so cool stuff. Aside from Space Boy (my new webcomic, posts about it somewhere on here) I’ve been doing a ton of animation (some professionally, some for fun).

One of the new just for fun practice pieces I’m working on is an animation which I’m adding a second or so to every day, it’s on 1s which means there are 24 unique drawings for each second of animation, I’ll likely post renders as it goes on, and will definitely post still frames every so often. I’m hoping to keep this going over the course of the year just for fun.



If you’re interested in seeing maybe bi-weekly renders let me know and I’ll see what I can get posted.