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Inktober Part 2

So in this post I will be adding Days 4-8 of Inktober as well as a random doodle.


Above is a fisherman, experimenting with a few different stroke styles. (I sort of broke the weird and creepy theme mold for this one, but I guess you could find fishing creepy).


Back to the creepy themes with a Faceless dude, and masks are creepy.


Smiley. Tried a different brush with this dude, I don’t really like it.


And the last of the Inktober drawings for this post is a little based on Katamari with the weird head shape. I actually like this dude a lot.


I was debating using this as an Inktober piece but decided to just leave it as it’s own thing. Keeping in the spirit of weirdness and October fun, I decided to take the advice from some of my friends and begin listening to Welcome to Night Vale a podcast, which is awesome and if you do not know about it you can check it out here http://commonplacebooks.com/welcome-to-night-vale/.

That is all for today. Have a good one!

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Been doing some more monochromatic stuff to work on my value relationships and such.


I’ve been pretty busy with a new project that I will be talking about in more detail soon.

Also if you are a fan of Say Anything or Eisley then you need to check out the new Perma track http://blog.equalvision.com/post/60287306159/say-anythings-max-bemis-and-eisleys-sherri

Have a good one!

Back to work

Fan Expo has come and gone for the year and I am back at work on a few decent sized projects. But that will not stop me from updating regularly with various warm-ups and other pieces.




So above there is a page of shapes that I just made into faces for a warm-up. Then a Ghastly picture, and finally a page out of my sketchbook done with pen for some reason.

The Misadventures of Sexy Crab

More designs, been actually painting them.


ImageI want to see the sexy crab as an enemy in a game, for some reason.

Also a few posts ago I mentioned I would be occasionally linking to some of the animated shorts I checked out at Taafi so here is “Everything I Can See From Here” https://vimeo.com/63823593

Have a good one!


Darker Designs

Some new character designs, got a little darker with these for some reason.


ImageAlso I picked up a new graphic novel (new for me) yesterday and I need to talk about it. The Underwater Welder by Jeff Lemire, it was an awesome twilight zone-ish story, and I don’t know what I can say about it without spoiling the amazingness that is this book. Read it if you get the chance http://www.amazon.ca/Underwater-Welder-Jeff-Lemire/dp/1603090746/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1375924678&sr=8-1&keywords=the+underwater+welder