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Some Evening Sketches

Hopefully you have all been doing well! And hopefully you have all been enjoying Super Space Boy Adventures over at http://www.comics-that-exist.com, today’s page is up http://comics-that-exist.com/comic_page.php?chapter=1&page=14

Here are some practice sketches I did this evening:



If you like Metroids and Brainsucking Jelly Eyeball monsters then this post probably blew your mind all over the place.

Have a good one!

Space Boy Digital Copies!

Hopefully you’ve all been enjoying Space Boy so far, if you haven’t started reading yet, now is the perfect time! www.comics-that-exist.com


Digital copies of Super Space Boy Adventures Chapter 1 are now available on Gumroad! Yay! https://gumroad.com/l/NcMHR

And remember if you feel like paying for shipping you can get your hands on physical copies at https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/JamesMarontateArt or if you’re in the Windsor area you can pick up a copy at Paper Heroes.

Hopefully you’re all liking the comic so far, and I’ll keep you posted on all the new and exciting news as it happens on here.